Printable Brackets Have Arrived

As promised, I’ve created a page for printable bracket forms. They’re free – please download and enjoy. I want them to be useful, so I haven’t locked the PDFs, but I’d appreciate it if you’d leave the tag that shows where they come from.

There are other sources of printable brackets on the web, and some of them are free. A wide variety of things can be found here, but these need to be used with caution, as there are some errors in the drops. Joe Czapski has some very unusual and creative brackets at

I’ve started with seven documents, which cover double-elimination for 16- and 32-team tournaments. Both of the upper brackets have seeding lines, which are also useful for distributing the byes in a blind draw – simply leave the highest seed lines unfilled. And the upper brackets can also be used, of course, for single elimination events.

You have a choice of lower brackets. Both the 16s and the 32s are available shifted and unshifted, and both the CD and the ED shifts are available for the 32s. The bracket I’d recommend for most uses is listed first, but there are plausible uses for all of them. The discussion of the pros and cons of shifting begins here: Building a Better Bracket.

I hope these will be found useful. The collection will grow as I get the leisure to draw and upload new formats. Feel free to make a request in a comment if there’s something in particular you’d like to see.


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